domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

My family today

They are my parents, my mother Maria and my father Carlos. My mother is fifty-six and my father is sixty. They have been married for forty years. I'm very proud of my parents because in spite of all the problems they had along their lifes, they are still together. They give me everything, and they are always there when my brothers need them.

This is my brother's family. My brother Gabriel is the middle one. He is thirty and he is married with Natalia. They have three children. On the left of the picture you can see Julian, who is the youngest. He is eleven and he is my godson. Beside Julian is Barbara, she is thirteen. Despite being a spoiled girl, she is the moody one. Her brothers feels jealous of her. At the right of the picture is Iliana. From the three of them, she is the nicest. She is fifteen and she had her big party six month ago. I really love them and I'm very happy to have my nephwes so close.

 In the pictures above you can see my eldest sister named Andrea with her only child, Mauricio. Mi sister is thirty-seven and she is a teacher. I love her because she is like my second mother. When I was born she was nineteen, so she had to look after me while my mother worked. She is the nicest and most cheerful person I know. I admire her a lot. Every time I need some advices, she is there to help me and advising me.
My nephew Mauricio is my second godson. He is six now, but in the pictures he was only a baby. He is beautiful but very capricious. Everybody loves him. Every time he speaks, he makes us laugh, he is so funny.
I started taking care of him this year because my sister works in a school all day.

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