sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011


Dear Alice:

I’m writing to tell you the good news. We are safe and sound, thanks God. We arrived at Corrientes two weeks ago. I’m sorry I haven’t written for long time, but it was too difficult for us to find a place to stay. 

By the time we are living in a hotel. I don’t like it very much because my children don’t have much space to play and they get bored easily. As time goes by, I realize that I miss my country very much. The weather here is very hot and I´m not used to high temperatures. Something that makes me feel a little unhappy is that people here isn’t very friendly, they are a little cold, so I couldn’t make friends yet.

My brother-in-law has told us he is working in a factory in a small town near the capital, which is called Bella Vista. He has said that there is much work there, so he thinks that my husband can get a good job in that place. Considering that here we don't know anybody, we have decided to move to Bella Vista and stay in his house until we get enough money to rent a house.
Alice, please write soon and give my regards to my parents, I miss them a lot.



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